Converting Club Carlson Points to Airline Miles

By admin, October 25, 2015

Club Carlson

I’ve written about the recent downgrades in the Club Carlson program. Even taking that into consideration, it’s hardly worth it to transfer to their partner airlines.


The transfer ratio is 10:1 across the board. That means for 2,000 Club Carlson points, you’ll only receive 200 airline miles. And for 50,000 Club Carlson points, you’ll only get 5,000 miles!

50,000 Club Carlson points is enough for an award night in a Category 5 or Category 6 hotel, like the Radisson Blu Royal in Brussels, Belgium.


Considering that rates can be ~$300 a night, you’re much better off redeeming your Club Carlson points for award nights. And the 5,000 miles you’d get if you transferred to an airline wouldn’t even be halfway to a 1-way flight in most mileage programs!

Thanks to Million Mile Secrets for the tips!

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