Bryan Lip - Founder of Hotel MilesWe get the challenge of maximizing earning across all your rewards programs. So we created Hotel Miles

Hotel Miles simplifies the loyalty experience by letting you choose where you earn, what you earn, and how you earn. You’re not restricted to specific destinations or certain hotel brands. We teach you the tips and tricks to travel more and for less, sometimes you don’t even need to pay to stay or fly to get those Airline Miles or Hotel Points.

Hotel Miles was created by a frequent traveler and serious points junkie who also worked in the travel space and wanted to develop online travel booking websites to help all those with loyalty programs to maximize what they earn.

We will be launching soon, as the first hotel-booking service to offer thousands of miles on stays, from a portfolio of global loyalty currencies.

With our experience with the world’s largest travel company, Expedia and with key contacts across the industry globally, we’re uniquely positioned to bring you exceptional offers: our proposition will include the industry-standard lowest room rates combined with the maximum points-earning potential.

We expect HotelMiles.com to allow you to earn miles at over 200,000 hotels around the globe, in your choice of many loyalty currencies via booking. Currently, you can use our meta-search tool to instantly trawl through 100s of Hotel websites around the planet for the very best deal on hotels, and even book with hotels directly…

Search the world’s largest hotel sites and compare & prices in one click!

Hotel Miles is also one of the world’s largest meta-search engines for hotels – with over 800,000 hotels worldwide, we allow you to compare prices from 100s of Hotel Booking websites in just ONE click to find the very best price, for the room type you want.

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